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  • WINTHROP POLL – Latest Results

    WINTHROP POLL – Latest Results

    ROCK HILL, SOUTH CAROLINA – South Carolina residents remain among the strongest supporters of President Donald Trump as his approval rating in the Palmetto State stands at 42%, according to the latest Winthrop Poll. The president’s approval numbers here continue to be a few points higher than the national average of 39% as measured March […]

  • WINTHROP POLL: “Christian Nationalism”

    WINTHROP POLL: “Christian Nationalism”

    ROCK HILL, SOUTH CAROLINA – Half of residents in 11 Southern states either agree or strongly agree that America was founded as an explicitly Christian nation, according to the results in the Winthrop Poll Southern Focus Survey. This viewpoint, a crux of “Christian Nationalism,” is particularly prevalent among white evangelicals. Those who espouse Christian Nationalist […]

  • RELEASE: Winthrop Poll Delayed

    RELEASE: Winthrop Poll Delayed

    Due to unforeseen circumstances, the Winthrop Poll Southern Focus Survey results will NOT be released on Tuesday, Dec. 11. Instead, it will come out a week later in the early hours of Tuesday, Dec. 18. This poll asked residents in 11 Southern states about the president, the economy, problems facing our nation, Confederate monuments and […]