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  • Trav Robertson Letter To Democrats: “You Won”

    Trav Robertson Letter To Democrats: “You Won”

    South Carolina Democrats, Last night we witnessed a stronger Democratic Party. Democrats exceeded our share of the electorate and increased Democratic performance by almost 135,000 votes. Most importantly, South Carolina Democrats won a majority of the races in which we fielded candidates, up and down the ballot. We won 184 races, from the County Council […]

  • Trav Robertson: Lindsey Graham isn’t working for South Carolina

    (Via: Getty Images) South Carolina Democrats, A friend sent me an article today. It was about our senior senator, Lindsey Graham, making national news again for being President Trump’s puppet. The piece talked about how Lindsey’s “transformation from Trump-basher to Trump defender seems complete.” While we work 24/7 to elect Democrats who will stand up […]