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  • PERSONHOOD SC – Another confused legislator in regard to rape/ incest exceptions …

    Representative Nancy Mace believes it is OK to kill a baby based solely upon the circumstances surrounding that human being’s conception. She is confused on this issue. She is not pro-life. We hope she will awaken to this reality like Catherine Templeton did during her bid for South Carolina Governor. Read this letter from Mrs. Carlotta Jackson, the wife […]

  • RELEASE – Personhood SC: Five Minutes for Babies in the Womb

    The Personhood Act of South Carolina has been submitted in both the SC Senate and House. Both bills (S.485 and H.3920) have been referred to each chamber’s judiciary committee. So, we need you to take just five minutes to contact the chairmen and ask them to schedule a subcommittee meeting for the bills ASAP. What is […]

  • EVENT – Personhood SC Day Of Fasting

    In preparation for our Personhood Day at the SC State House, we would like to call on all of our supporters to fast and pray tomorrow, Friday, February 1. Ask God to bless our efforts at the State House beyond our wildest imagination. Ask God to make His presence known and to bring about our […]