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  • Mike Pitts’ Letter Withdrawing His Name From Conservation Bank Consideration

    March 04, 2018 Chairman, Doug Harper SC Conservation Bank Board 1201 Main Street, #1820 Columbia, SC 29201 Mr. Chairman, It is well documented that I suffered a heart attack on October 20th, 2018 with subsequent surgery with a time lapse of over three hours between attack and surgery with my heart being under severe stress […]

  • MEDIA ALERT – SC House District 14 Candidate Forum

    FORMER REPRESENTATIVE MIKE PITTS TO HOST EVENT Mike Pitts, Retired SC Representative for District 14 will host a Republican Candidate Forum on Monday, February 11th at The Ridge in Laurens, South Carolina. “All elections are important but this one is vital to Laurens County specifically,” said Pitts. “I encourage everyone to educate themselves about these […]

  • MIKE PITTS: To the citizens of South Carolina House District 14

    To the citizens of South Carolina House District 14: Thank you for the incredible honor and privilege of representing the finest citizens of South Carolina for the past 16 years.  I have given you my best effort, standing firm on principle while building alliances to help lead our state forward.  This is how a democratic […]