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  • MARK SANFORD – Worst Deal In History???

    What was announced yesterday, in regard to the budget agreement, between this President, the House, and the Senate underscores the degree to which the President is leading us in the wrong direction on spending. It also underscores the reason we need to have a national debate on where we go next on spending, debt, and […]

  • RELEASE – SCGOP Statement on Mark Sanford’s possible vanity project

    Columbia, South Carolina. – South Carolina Republican Party Chairman Drew McKissick released the following statement regarding Mark Sanford’s possible vanity project. “The last time Mark Sanford had an idea this dumb, it killed his Governorship. This makes about as much sense as that trip up the Appalachian trail.” – SCGOP Chairman Drew McKissick ### TIP? […]

  • PALMETTO WIRE: Bloodsport Battle Brewing Between Katie Arrington, Nancy Mace

    (Via: Katie Arrington for Congress) There has been a lot of talk about the war of words between Katie Arrington and Mark Sanford in the aftermath of this month’s stunning upset in the South Carolina first congressional district. To recap: Arrington beat Sanford in the GOP primary for this district, then narrowly lost this month’s […]

  • RELEASE: Old Foes Lead in New Poll Among Republicans Looking to Take Back 1st Congressional District

    COLUMBIA, SC – The election may have just ended, but it isn’t stopping Republican speculation about who will face Democrat congressman-elect Joe Cunningham in 2020. But before Cunningham knows who his 2020 general election opponent will be, Republicans must duke it out among themselves first. That race could feature a rematch of the June 2018 […]

  • SC1: Field Update

    (Via: James Willamor) Our sister site FITSNews has a big post up on this, but the field for the South Carolina first congressional district continues to evolve. According to our sources, Charleston County councilman Elliott Summey is considering a bid – as is S.C. senator Chip Campsen. We are told Campsen will only run, however, […]

  • SC1: Tom Davis, “Freedom Fighter,” In 2020?

    State representative Katie Arrington says she is going to run for congress again in 2020 … After narrowly losing to Democrat Joe Cunningham last night, Arrington blamed her setback on Republican incumbent Mark Sanford and his supporters. Sanford refused to endorse Arrington in the race, and accused her of lying about his record. Did his actions […]