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  • America Loves Heather Johnson

    We have noticed something here at Palmetto Wire … Both times we have written about South Carolina lobbyist Heather Johnson (here and here), our traffic counters have pretty much exploded. Seriously: Mucho Trafico. That’s why we were thrilled when one of our intrepid readers submitted a positively scorching, scintillating and statuesque image of Johnson (above) posing […]

  • Heather Johnson: Hooked And We Can’t Stop Starin’

    (Via: Provided) Ever since we got a sneak peek at her “gun show” last week, South Carolina lobbyist Heather Johnson has been all over our radar. And can you blame us? Based in Conway, S.C., Johnson just completed her first session as a registered lobbyist at the S.C. State House. According to disclosure forms filed with the […]

  • SC Lobbyist Shows Off Her Guns

    We have been forwarded this picture several times now from political insiders in the Palmetto State … It reportedly depicts Heather Johnson, a lobbyist at the S.C. State House who works on behalf of medical marijuana, industrial hemp and related issues. Johnson is from Horry County, South Carolina, we are told. This is her first […]