Press Release – South Carolina’s Conservative Future Releases Web Video Exposing Kathy Maness’ Record

GREENVILLE, SC – South Carolina’s Conservative Future released a web video Wednesday detailing the record of Kathy Maness, a candidate for superintendent of education.

You can watch the video here.

Laura Beth Kirsop, spokeswoman for South Carolina’s Conservative Future, said, “There has never been a more important time to expand school choice, support conservative values, and protect parents’ rights.” 

Kirsop continued, “Unfortunately, Kathy Maness has done the exact opposite. She opposed school choice and supported universal mask mandates. She even endorsed a Democrat for mayor of Columbia and championed Biden’s $1 trillion spending bill. She is not a conservative, and quite frankly, should probably be running in the Democratic primary.”

Kathy Maness’ Record:

–       Opposes School Choice. Maness has a long record of standing with liberal Democrats to oppose school choice and giving parents control over their child’s education. Source: WYFF, January 20, 2017

–        Supports Universal Mask Mandates. As a town councilwoman, Maness voted to impose a universal mask mandate. Source: Post and Courier, December 21, 2020

–       Praised by Nancy Pelosi and Kamala Harris. Maness was praised by Nancy Pelosi for “her visionary leadership” and thanked by Kamala Harris for “the spirit” behind her introduction as National League of Cities president. Source: NLC Conference 2021

–       Publicly Campaigned for Joe Biden’s $1 trillion Spending Bill. Maness publicly endorsed Joe Biden’s signature piece of legislation in 2021. Source: WIS, November 15, 2021

South Carolina’s Conservative Future was founded by John Warren to enact common-sense, conservative reforms at the state level in order to advance freedom, economic opportunity, and government accountability on behalf of every citizen and taxpayer. Learn more at