John Warren – Send a conservative businessman to Columbia

Friends –

Has there ever been a more important time to elect the right people to the state senate? South Carolina currently has the highest income tax rates in the Southeast, wasteful spending in government, and no plan to fix education. We need more leaders in Columbia who value the taxpayer, the student, and the parent – not another career politician.

That’s why today, I am proud to announce that South Carolina’s Conservative Future is endorsing Mike Reichenbach for state senate in district 31. Mike is a career businessman who will champion our shared values – he will cut taxes, put a stop to wasteful spending, and always put the needs of students and parents first.

Mike has spent his life in the private sector – as a businessman and community volunteer. He served as a commissioned law enforcement officer, employs hundreds of people, and understands the value of a dollar.

We need Mike’s leadership in South Carolina. On Tuesday, January 25, support conservative businessman Mike Reichenbach for state senate.