John Warren – Stand With Children And Parents

Friends –

Since 2020, South Carolina children have had to endure a lot. Closed schools, mask mandates, time away from friends – even some playgrounds were closed for weeks. Never has there been a better case for giving parents and families more choices in education.

But the truth is, kids have been suffering at the hands of bureaucrats who refuse to put students first for years. Tens of thousands of South Carolina children are zoned for some of the lowest performing schools in the country. Many of these children are far behind in reading and most of those schools do little to truly prepare students for their futures.

In 2022, let’s resolve to change this trajectory.

South Carolina’s Conservative Future is committed to real school choice – where parents and children actually have more than one option when it comes to education. Conservatives rightly say that parents know what’s best for their kids. But too many politicians and special interest groups in Columbia are blocking the ability of parents to exercise that right.

During the 2022 election cycle and throughout legislative session, South Carolina’s Conservative Future will:

– Support candidates who champion true school choice.
– Oppose candidates who choose protecting the status quo over standing with families.
– Support the expansion of high-quality public charter schools.
– Support funding students as individuals, instead of funding systems.
– Support strong accountability so that taxpayers know how their money is being spent.

It’s time for politicians in Columbia who call themselves Republicans to start acting like it. Stand with families and students and support school choice in 2022.

John Warren