RELEASE – South Carolina Conservative Group Launches Pro-life Campaign

GREENVILLE – The Conservative Defense Fund (CDF) has launched a campaign to encourage legislators to pass pro-life legislation, which will protect an unborn child from abortion once a heartbeat is discernible, regardless of the conditions under which the child was conceived.

The campaign features statewide radio and social media advertising featuring a message from an outspoken advocate for the pro-life movement, Abby Johnson. Johnson, a former Planned Parenthood clinic director, became increasingly disturbed by what she witnessed. When Johnson was asked to assist an abortionist with an ultrasound-guided abortion, she was horrified to see a 13-week-old baby fighting for its life.

Her life-changing experience was documented in the motion picture “Unplanned.”

The radio version of the commercial can be heard by clicking here.

The South Carolina General Assembly is presently considering the Heartbeat Bill (S001), which Republican leaders are touting as legislation to protect the unborn. However, the bill is actually so riddled with exceptions that it provides no effective protection for unborn children.

This bill, which has already been passed by the Republican-majority Senate, allows an unborn child to be aborted if the abortionist determines that the child was conceived through rape or incest, or if the child has a “fetal anomaly.” However, the bill deliberately fails to provide any standards for how the required tests will be performed and has only limited requirements to require law enforcement to be notified in cases where the pregnancy is the result of a crime.

CDF spokesperson Wendy Nanney said, “It is critical that the leadership in the House and Senate pass the Heartbeat Bill without exceptions. Last year, the voters of South Carolina gave the Republicans a super-majority in both chambers of the legislature because they wanted conservative change, and we expect them to deliver.”

Based in the Upstate of South Carolina, CDF is dedicated to advancing conservative principles to protect life, defend our God-given rights, and to keep our economy strong. Last year the organization launched Operation Chaos 2020 to raise awareness of problems with elections and also helped finance lawsuits in an attempt to restrain the government’s “emergency” powers to restrict our freedom. 

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