New LMG Poll Shows Jaime Harrison and Lindsey Graham Tied at 46 Just Weeks Before Election Day

Charleston, SC — Lindsey Must Go (LMG PAC), the Super PAC dedicated to defeating Lindsey Graham and electing Jaime Harrison, released the results of an internal poll on Tuesday showing Graham and Harrison tied in the hotly contested Senate race in South Carolina.

The poll (memo attached below), conducted by ALG Research in early October, revealed an even split among voters with each candidate receiving 46%. The results only bolster the narrative that the race has substantially swung in Harrison’s direction over the last few months, from a reliably safe Republican seat to a toss-up.

“In a mere matter of months, this race has gone from solid Republican to toss-up, but there’s no secret why: Lindsey Graham has continued to show his true colors, and people are sick of it,” said Lauren Harper, Spokesperson for LMG PAC. “Whether it’s his flip-flopping on issues like offshore drilling, his shameful mishandling of the COVID-19 pandemic, his downright racist remarks at last week’s forum or his embarrassing pandering to President Trump, people are seeing just how anti-South Carolina Lindsey really is.”

Since early August, polling has consistently shown a neck-and-neck race for Senate in South Carolina. Race ratings continue to shift in Harrison’s favor, including the Cook Political Report’s change last week from ‘Lean Republican’ to ‘Toss-up.’ Early voting in South Carolina began on October 5.

A copy of the poll results can be accessed here.