“No Recess Without Relief” Urges Congress to Pass COVID Relief Package Before Election

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WASHINGTON (October 6, 2020) The COVID RELIEF NOW Coalition, comprised of more than 225 public and private sector groups, today released a new ad called “No Recess without Relief,” imploring Congress to not leave town for the 2020 elections without passing additional COVID economic relief. The ad is running across digital platforms.

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“It’s time for Congress to put politics aside and prioritize the many businesses and employees in the hardest-hit industries. Millions of jobs and the livelihoods of people who have built their small business for decades are just withering away because Congress has done nothing. America’s hotel industry is on the brink of collapse. We can’t afford to let thousands of small businesses die and all of the jobs associated with them be lost for many years,” said Chip Rogers, president and CEO of the American Hotel & Lodging Association, one of the coalition’s founding members.

In a letter sent to Congress last week, the coalition noted that millions of jobs and survival of small businesses as well as vital government services are on the line. The letter stated, “If Congress fails to act, millions of employees will be furloughed or terminated; millions of unemployed Americans will lose their unemployment insurance pandemic benefits; hundreds of thousands of companies will be at risk of closing their doors forever; and the vast majority of state and local governments will have to curtail critical services in order to balance budgets due to a decline in tax revenue.”

Founding members include: Airlines for America, American Hotel and Lodging Association, International Franchise Association, National Association of Counties, National Conference for State Legislatures, National Governors Association, National League of Cities, National Restaurant Association, National Retail Federation, U.S. Conference of Mayors and the U.S Travel Association.

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“COVID upended our lives.

On economy is on brink of collapse.

Millions of Americans unemployed.

Small businesses struggling to stay open.

Vital services stifled without funding.

America is at a pivotal point.

We need our leaders to lead.

Tell Congress: No recess without relief.”