(DANIEL ISLAND) – Shawn Pinkston announced his candidacy today for State House District 99, stating, “After much thought, prayer, and conversation with family and friends, I have decided to seek the Republican nomination to represent State House District 99.”

    Shawn’s priorities in the State House of Representatives will be:

  • Improving our children’s education, including empowering parents with school choice;
  • Widening I-526, including the Don Holt and Wando bridges, and adding entrance and exit ramps to connecting state roads as part of the Lowcountry Corridor Project;
  • Comprehensive tax reform, including the elimination of the income tax on military retirement pay; and returning all future State surpluses to you.

    “The education of our children continues to be woefully inadequate,” said Pinkston.  “The number of kids who fail to meet expectations in reading and math is simply unacceptable.  We need to bring teachers to the table and ask them what they need, what’s working and what’s not, and find ways to set our students up for success. We also need to empower parents when it comes to the education of their children.  From implementing education savings accounts to expanding the current school voucher and tax credit programs, we need to implement bold educational solutions.”  Another option Pinkston supports is the creation of high school vocational degree programs for students who choose not to attend college.

    “Congestion in the Lowcountry continues to get worse and our roads and bridges continue to detoriorate despite hundreds of millions in new gas taxes,” Pinkston said.  “The Department of Transportation has identified I-526 as one of the most congested corridors in South Carolina yet no comprehensive plan has been identified on how to reduce this congestion.  We must focus on fixing our current roads and bridges, widening 526, and ensuring the Don Holt Bridge and the Wando Bridge can handle the ever-increasing traffic throughout District 99.”

    Pinkston said the most recent budget demonstrates the need for comprehensive tax reform.  “Our legislature passed a record budget last session (nearly $30 billion) and the State recently announced a $350 million surplus.  So our state government collected more and spent more than ever before, yet doesn’t plan to return the $350 million surplus to us – the taxpayers.” Pinkston also supports efforts to enact comprehensive tax reform, specifically the elimination of the income tax on military pensions.

    Shawn volunteered for active duty with the United States Army after 9/11 and deployed to Iraq as part of the surge forces in 2007.  Shawn is a local attorney and has been a resident of Berkeley County since 2010.  He and his wife, Andrea, have four kids, attend Seacoast Church, and reside on Daniel Island.  Shawn has been involved in several civic and charitable organizations, including March of Dimes, Rotary Club, Exchange Club, and VFW Post 10624.