BAKARI SELLERS – Opportunity Project SC Announces School Donations of 1,300 Desks and 20 Teacher Supply Grants

(COLUMBIA, S.C.)—Earlier today, Bakari Sellers, Hope and Wade King and six local superintendents gathered to announce a significant donation of 1,300 new desks to thefollowing school districts: Allendale 1, Bamberg 2, Hampton 1, Hampton 2 and Jasper 1.

Sellers also announced the donation of 20 teacher supply grants for $300 each. The teachers in Bamberg 1, Dorchester 4, Calhoun and Clarendon 1 and 2 will be receiving those grants and were provided through a nominating process with local school principals.

“I am humbled to be able to give back to the schools that made me who I am today,” Bakari Sellers said. “It’s time we truly invest in education across South Carolina and provide more than a ‘minimally adequate’ education to our young people. More specifically, the students and educators in the rural parts of our state are suffering more than most. They are plagued with crumbling facilities and are bleeding qualified and willing teachers. Our children deserve better.”

Hope and Wade King are educators and co-authors of the book, “The Wild Card“. Hope is also the co-founder of the popular Get Your Teach On professional development conferences. Both Hope and Wade were raised in South Carolina, and resided here through college and their first teaching jobs.

“We are thrilled to be able to facilitate this donation of 1,300 desks to schools and students in South Carolina. We hope this will be the first of many projects that allow us to give back to our home state,” said Hope King. Wade adds, “We truly value the relationship we have with Bakari and believe that this partnership has the potential to impact change in the neglected communities, in particular the corridor of shame in South Carolina. This is just the beginning!”

According to Wade, “Every child deserves to have the greatest opportunity for success. Partnerships like this allow us to create incredible learning environments for ALL students. It’s our goal to provide as many schools and students as possible with the support they need for greatness.”

From professional development opportunities to partnering with some of the leading companies in education, Hope and Wade hope to bring about transformation and an education revolution to schools who need it most in their home state and beyond.

The Opportunity Project South Carolina announced its efforts last December and immediately hit the ground running with initiatives and funding partnerships. Led by Bakari Sellers, the organization aims to close the gaps plaguing South Carolina communities in quality-of-life areas including healthcare, education and technology.