RELEASE – Kathy Landing Calls on Joe Cunningham to Publicly Declare His Position on Taxpayer Funding Healthcare for Illegal Immigrants

CHARLESTON, SC – Republican candidate for Congress Kathy Landing issued a call for Joe Cunningham to publicly reject his Democrat Party’s support for the unlimited financing of healthcare for illegal immigrants.

“During the presidential debates this week, all of the major candidates in Joe Cunningham’s Democrat Party stated their support of forcing American citizens to cover the healthcare costs for the millions of people who broke our immigration laws and reside in our country illegally.

This radical proposal would not only jeopardize services for Americans in need, but also put taxpayers on the hook for billions more in spending. It would also provide yet another strong incentive for more illegal immigrants to try to force their way through our already overwhelmed borders, deepening this terrible crisis further.

So today, I challenge Joe Cunningham to answer one simple question: do you stand with your party on this issue?

For too long, Joe Cunningham has avoided answering the tough questions. His constituents, who have been impacted by illegal immigration, deserve to know whether their representative places illegal immigrants over the citizens of the Lowcountry.

In Congress, I will stand with the American people and work to build the wall. I will fight for better healthcare for our working families, veterans, and the millions of American children living in poverty. They will take priority over illegal immigrants.”