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Columbia, SC – The Israeli American Coalition for Action applauds Governor Henry McMaster of South Carolina for renewing the state’s use of a uniform definition of anti-Semitism. In 2018, South Carolina became the first state to implement such a definition, which was done as a proviso to the state’s annual budget bill, and applying it specifically to the state’s public education system.

The legislative effort behind South Carolina’s adoption of a uniform definition of anti-Semitism was led by Representative Alan Clemmons. In response to McMaster’s renewal, Clemmons stated:

“I’m very pleased that South Carolina, once again, proves its’ heart for supporting our Jewish citizens and, in this case, Jewish students. When Jewish families make the decision to send their children to a South Carolina institution of higher education, they can rest assured that anti-Semitic incidents will be treated with the same degree of seriousness as other acts of crime and discrimination on campus. The South Carolina Legislature abhors discrimination against all races, ethnicities, and religions. This law takes into account the documented disproportionate rise of anti-Jewish hate and prohibits such acts from being swept under the administrative carpet of South Carolina colleges and universities. South Carolina’s renewal of this law remains an important example for states and the Federal Government in the battle against anti-Semitism. Particular thanks is also due to IAC for Action, and its Director of Policy and Government Affairs, Joe Sabag, for again providing critical legal expertise, policy analysis, research, and educational resources.”

IAC for Action Chairman Shawn Evenhaim said in response:

“In responding to the sharp increase in anti-Semitic activity happening around the country, our approach is to pursue legislation that delivers a practical regulatory response. The renewal of South Carolina’s law goes far beyond simply showing symbolic support for the plight of the Jewish community. We sincerely thank Representative Clemmons, Governor McMaster, and legislators on both sides of the aisle for standing boldly against anti-Semitism.”

“Data indisputably shows that Jews are the most likely of all minority groups to be victimized by incidents of hate and that anti-Semitism is continuing to rise at an alarming rate,” said IAC for Action’s Director of Policy and Government Affairs, Joseph Sabag. “We are pleased to see that Jewish and Israeli Americans are not left to contend with incidents of anti-Semitic hatred alone, and we are grateful to Representative Clemmons and Governor McMaster.”

About the Israeli-American Coalition for Action (IAC for Action): The IAC for Action is a non-profit, non-partisan organization that advocates to policymakers on behalf of the Israeli-American community. A partner organization of the Israeli-American Council, the IAC for Action works to make the voices of Israeli-Americans heard on a range of issues at the federal, state, and local level.

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