RELEASE – John Loveday For Columbia SC Council


I was raised in rural South Carolina to a working class family – my father a Vietnam veteran, and my mother an oncology nurse. They taught me the values of hard work, dedication and service. After leaving my hometown, I became a first-generation college graduate from the University of South Carolina. I always admired how my father and mother answered the call to service, and I followed their lead and became a public school educator.

When I first moved to Columbia almost 20 years ago, I found a city with so much potential, and the opportunity to lead across the state and the Southeast. I also found a city and state with a tremendous void of educators in elected office.

Today, I’m announcing my campaign to run for Columbia City Council. I’m running to bring new ideas and leadership to our city. As a public school educator and a parent, I’m focused on our future and building a city that works for everyone. With my background, I know how to work with people from various backgrounds and how to ensure we meet our goals. As the current principal of SC Whitmore School, a public charter school, I have shown my ability to think creatively and resourcefully to make our community a better place to live and work.

As a city, we need big ideas and bold leadership to modernize our infrastructure, expand job opportunities, and keep our city safe for everyone, especially our children.

After our district was left without representation for nearly two years, we deserve integrity and responsibility in office. I’m excited about this campaign, and I’m asking you to join me in bringing new leadership for a better Columbia.

Please help by getting involved in launching our campaign to make Columbia the best it can be!

Thank you,

John Loveday