Henry McMaster Getting “Handsy”

We have to give it to Henry McMaster … not only did he get himself elected governor this week, he got to stand arm-in-arm on stage basking in the afterglow with his gorgeous running mate, Pamela Evette.

Of course the governor – who has previously publicly displayed affection for Evette – appears to have gotten a little “handsy” in the heat of the celebration.

We first noticed this “handsiness” when McMaster sent out a tweet celebrating his win …

(Click to view)

(Cap: Twitter)

Here is a closer look …

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(Cap: Twitter)

Oh boy …

And it is all over the front page of The (Columbia, S.C.) State newspaper too!

(Click to view)

(Cap: The State)

Whoa there, governor!

Now we know what you mean by “standing a little bit taller.”  Oy …


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