Great News For Free Speech: Gab Is Back Online

We were very pleased to see the news this morning that Gab – a free speech alternative to increasingly regulated social media sites like Twitter and Facebook – is back online. yanked this social media platform in the aftermath of the Pittsburg Synagogue shooting – even though Gab assisted law enforcement in its investigation of the perpetrator of that attack (who posted frequently on its platform).

The site is now being hosted through Epik, which wrote this post affirming its support for free speech and its opposition to “de-platforming” sites that permit it.

“De-platforming a haven of free speech is not about left or right,” Epik’s CEO wrote.  “Anyone who remembers studying civics is familiar with the concept of inalienable rights — rights that a worthy government can only protect but would have no moral authority to take away. The idea of Natural Law and Inalienable Rights dates back to Ancient Greece, if not before. Tolerance for competing views — including those protected by Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Press — is not an American concept even though the Founding Fathers of the United States built a prosperous nation around the concept.”

Gab welcomed the support …

“, our new domain registrar, deserves our full support and love right now,” the company wrote in an email announcing its new host. “They too have been targeted by a mainstream media smear campaign for simply supporting free expression and individual liberty.  If you have your domains anywhere else, we’d recommend you transfer them to to show your support.”

Good for Gab! Good for Epik!


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