Copy Editing 101: Jim Clyburn Is SC’s “Most Black” Lawmaker

(Via: Politico)

Every news outlet makes typos. This news outlet is barely 72 hours old and we have probably already made dozens of them.

It happens.  Especially in the waning days of elections.

Not all typos are created equal, though.  Some are head-scratching.  Others are humorous (think “pubic” versus “public” funds, an old favorite of ours).  Some are easily glossed over while others go completely unnoticed.

Then there is this typo from a story we aggregated earlier today …

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Yup.  That is an excerpt from reporter Maayan Schechter’s big story in today’s editions of The (Columbia, S.C.) State newspaper on Democratic gubernatorial nominee James Smith.

And yes, she is referring (inadvertently, obviously) to U.S. congressman and speaker of the House hopeful Jim Clyburn as the Palmetto State’s “most black lawmaker.”


Only” black lawmaker is what we are guessing she meant to say …

In fact, by the time you read this post our guess is her story will have been updated to reflect this change.

In the meantime, though, we got a bit of a chuckle thinking of the possible metrics Shechter – who is an excellent reporter, by the way – might have used in making her “most black” determination.

Seriously: Somebody get us Bakari Sellers (another Smith supporter) on the line …