Walt Wilkins Responds To “Sig Sauer Saga”

South Carolina thirteenth circuit solicitor Walt Wilkins is addressing the scandal over his decision to take possession of a firearm from the Greenville County, S.C. sheriff’s office five years ago.

In September 2013, Wilkins – fearing for his life over alleged death threats – received a Sig Sauer P938 for his protection from former county sheriff Steve Loftis.   A month later that pistol – which was seized in connection with a drug arrest – was stolen from his vehicle.

“The gun being stolen from my vehicle doesn’t change the truth,” Wilkins said. “I was assigned the weapon by the sheriff’s department, it was done so legally and with complete transparency – and there’s a paper trail to prove it.”

Wilkins said he agreed to receive the gun because the only other alternative was charging taxpayers “over $30,000 a month” for deputies to provide round-the-clock protection to him and his family.