Trav Robertson: Lindsey Graham isn’t working for South Carolina

(Via: Getty Images)

South Carolina Democrats,

A friend sent me an article today. It was about our senior senator, Lindsey Graham, making national news again for being President Trump’s puppet. The piece talked about how Lindsey’s “transformation from Trump-basher to Trump defender seems complete.” While we work 24/7 to elect Democrats who will stand up for South Carolina, Lindsey is taking a victory lap for his shameful performance during the Kavanaugh hearings.

Lindsey’s press tour has only gotten us more fired up. These last few days, we’re going to kick it into overdrive and send a message to Lindsey and Republicans like him: You work for South Carolinians, not Donald Trump.

Because of all your support this cycle, we’ve achieved some amazing things. We’ve hired dozens of field organizers who are canvassing every day. We’ve gotten thousands of voters registered to vote and opened up party offices so we have a presence in communities across the state.

We can and we will continue this momentum after November 6th and beat Lindsey Graham too. If you can give $10 or whatever you can afford to support us in this last stretch, we’d really appreciate it.

Talk Soon,

Trav Robertson